About Skye Precious Kids


Founded in 2013, Skye Precious Kids is a non-profit organization headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

The goal of our organization is to provide much-needed financial support to families with children suffering with chronic illnesses. We offer assistance in areas of educational, health, and overall family situational well-being. Our funding gives kids (ages 16 & under) the hope to cope with their illness, and to fully participate in our community and have an increased quality life.

Our motto and affirmation is, One Step Closer, The Sky Is Our Limit!

Why Us

Our Core Values

Our Founder

Skye Jones

Skye Jones


Born in Atlanta, Georgia,  Skye Jones is an entrepreneur and the founder of Skye Precious Kids. The true definition of an entrepreneur and philanthropist, her repertoire has continuously evolved since she founded her namesake organization in 2013.

“Life’s problems wouldn’t be called hurdles if there wasn’t a way to get over them.” –Skye Jones

Starting her professional journey age five, she begn a fashion modeling career with Macy’s Department Store followed by a successful career as a hair model. Subsequent years included a leap into acting—and ultimately entrepreneurship.


Touched by a close friend’s difficult experience with managing day-to-day life, a full-time job, a household with an ill son and other children, Jones saw firsthand how outside support could aide the ailing child and ease financial strain for the family.

A proud mother, Skye understands the value of family and pouring into children. Her heart for others stretches far and wide as she desires to work closely with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and other medical organizations that provide medical services to child patients.

In addition to running her businesses, taking her kids to gymnastics, dance and sports practices, she also actively volunteers the NAACP’s Young Council and other organizations that focus on peventing and stopping teen violence.

The Skye Precious Kids Organization was built on the premise to make a positive impact locally, nationally and (coming soon), internationally.


Doing Charity Works

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