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Parent Resources

After receiving the news of a son/daughter being diagnosed with a chronic illness, sadness, despair, and a heavy dose of helplessness becomes overwhelming. The fear of the unknown and the struggle to find a specialist who can help almost feels impossible. Although a majority of your trust lies solely with the medical professionals, Skye Precious Kids guides parents to obtain resources to be educated on what is being faced.

You are NOT alone!

Life in general can be challenging. The addition of handling a serious (and sometimes terminal) medical condition can be discouraging. Our staff works very hard to provide resources to the patient, and their family. SPK assures you, we are diligent in supporting you.

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Housing Assistance

There is nothing more difficult than having to consider the “What now?” With extended absences from work and/or school; receiving the news of a child with a chronic disease is instantly life altering. The financial strain due to medical expenses and lost time at work can bring you to the brink of insanity. Finding suitable, inexpensive housing near specialists who may give the ray of hope; can often be an additional strain on houses struggling to maintain.


We will help find a place to lay your head.

Skye Precious Kids is rooted in family. In addition to acting as a liaison to families in need, we promote unity in the community. Our extended families are our top priority, we will do all we can to ensure we get a comfortable place for you.

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Healthy Food for Everyone

Life can hit us with life-altering news like a blistering cold. The overwhelming feeling of having to juggle the constant struggle for happiness while maintaining a suitable lifestyle for family is often unbearable. Countless hospital visits, various professionals, and extended leave from work causes financial struggle and often depression.

Healthy Food for Everyone

Skye Precious Kids understands the weight of this tremendous responsibility. It is our intention to maintain normalcy in families dealing with caring for a child with a chronic illness. To prevent more occurrences, we supply healthy food to supplement any hardship.

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Educational Resources

It is our intention at Skye Precious Kids, Inc. to offer sustainable solutions for families enduring the commitment to ensure the best care and transition for a child with a chronic illness. There are many distractions when navigating family including not having time or resources for siblings and ill child to attend school. We offer educational services to circumvent the shortcomings of being pulled out of school for doctor’s visits and relocation.


Delivering Education to Families in Need

We want to be part of an action plan that actually uplifts the spirit of our kids and their families. After working with us, we want them to become empowered in their situations, not remain overwhelmed.

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